AgriEyes W04 Series: Multi-Mode LED Warning Lights, Versatile Guardians Tailored for Complex Environments


In the realms of emergency response, road safety, and various outdoor operations, the effectiveness of lighting directly impacts response speed and safety indices during emergencies. The AgriEyes W04 Series LED Strobe Lights, with its unique design featuring 14 flashing modes, offers unprecedented adaptability and flexibility, ensuring optimal warning effectiveness in diverse emergency scenarios and complex environments.


Emergency Response: Dual Assurance of Speed and Safety

In critical situations, swift response is paramount. The multi-mode design of the AgriEyes W04 Series allows operators to instantly switch to the most suitable warning mode, whether it's the rapid blinking mode to immediately attract surrounding attention or the steady-on mode for stable warning. This immediate response not only shortens reaction times but also reduces accident risks to some extent, providing additional assurance for emergency personnel and on-site safety.


Diverse Applications: Comprehensive Coverage from Everyday to Special Needs

Whether it's routine patrols for law enforcement agencies, rapid responses for emergency medical services, or temporary warning requirements in construction zones, the AgriEyes W04 Series can fulfill them all. By flexibly selecting different flashing modes to adapt to various task characteristics and environmental requirements, it can function effectively in urban streets, highways, remote construction sites, or even under extreme weather conditions. This wide applicability reduces the need for users to acquire different lighting equipment, simplifies equipment management, and saves costs.




With its innovative design featuring 14 flashing modes, the AgriEyes W04 Series LED Strobe Lights not only demonstrate high adaptability to complex environments and a profound understanding of user needs but also elevate safety, efficiency, and convenience to new heights. In the world of emergency response and safety warning, the AgriEyes W04 Series serves as a bridge spanning diverse requirements from routine patrols to emergency rescue, making it a versatile guardian that safeguards safety and enhances response speed.


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