AgriEyes T033 Smart Wireless Trailer Light: Safe, Convenient, and Durable Guardian for Driving


In the modern transportation and logistics industry, safety and efficiency have become the two core standards for measuring work quality. Especially in complex road environments and long-distance transportation scenarios, ensuring synchronous signals and warning effects between towing vehicles and trailing trailers is particularly important. Today, we introduce this smart wireless trailer light, which with its easy installation, stable signal transmission, and worry-free after-sales service, is gradually becoming the new favorite in the industry, escorting safe transportation.

Easy Installation, Immediate Use

The installation process of traditional trailer lights is often cumbersome and complex, not only time-consuming but also potentially damaging to the vehicle surface. This wireless trailer light completely overturns this situation, with its design essence lying in the concept of "plug and play." Simply attach it gently to the metal rear of the truck, the rubber-coated magnetic base ensures secure attachment while effectively preventing scratches, protecting the vehicle paint from damage. After practical testing, even at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, the magnetic adsorption remains rock-solid, with no worries about detachment. Whether it's high-speed driving or bumpy roads, it remains as steady as Mount Tai.

Stable Signal, Ultra-long Distance Transmission

Signal stability is a key indicator of the performance of wireless trailer lights. This product adopts 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, with a built-in efficient antenna design, effectively enhancing signal penetration and anti-interference capabilities. Even in the face of complex electromagnetic environments, it can still maintain signal transmission stability and consistency. What's even more surprising is that its signal transmission range exceeds 100 feet (about 30.5 meters), which is particularly significant for large vehicles such as long-haul trucks and semi-trailers, ensuring real-time synchronization of signal indications between front and rear vehicles, greatly enhancing the overall safety factor of the fleet.

Two-Year Warranty, 24-Hour Customer Service Response

We deeply understand that product quality and after-sales service are the two most important factors that customers care about. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive two-year warranty for this wireless trailer light. During this period, if you encounter any questions or problems with its use, just contact our 24-hour online customer service with one click, and we will respond immediately, ensuring to provide you with a solution within 24 hours, making your experience worry-free. This initiative not only demonstrates our confidence in product quality but also adheres to our commitment to every customer.

A New Chapter in Safe Transportation

The advent of smart wireless trailer lights not only simplifies the installation process and enhances the stability and reliability of signal transmission but also wins widespread recognition in the market with its thoughtful after-sales service. It is not just a product but also a practitioner of the concept of safe transportation, providing drivers with a safer and more convenient working environment, and injecting new vitality into the efficient operation of the logistics industry. Choosing this wireless trailer light is not only choosing to prioritize driving safety and improve work efficiency but also embracing the trend of future logistics intelligence.

In the face of growing logistics demand and constantly changing traffic environments, we firmly believe that only continuous innovation can lead industry development. The smart wireless trailer light is the best interpretation of our belief. With its excellent performance and user-friendly design, it will accompany every driver and illuminate every journey of safe transportation. Let us join hands and open a new chapter of safe and efficient logistics transportation together!

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