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At AgriEyes, we strive to make road travel safer through intelligent and vibrant vehicle lighting solutions.

We are now actively seeking worldwide distributors and partners to expand our reach and ensure that more customers can benefit from our superior signal lights. If you are passionate about delivering top-notch products to the market and want to be part of our success story, we invite you to join us.



Products Sales Representative


Sales Manager 

What we offer: 

By becoming an AgriEyes distributor, you will have access to our extensive product catalog, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support. We believe in building strong relationships with our partners based on trust, reliability, and mutual growth.


We are reaching out to explore the possibility of collaborating with experienced and successful sales representatives such as yourself to represent AgriEyes' products in the marketplace. Our products are known for their durability, compliance with industry standards, and innovative features that address the specific needs of customers in various industries.

We believe that combining our expertise with your established network and industry knowledge can create a mutually beneficial relationship. We are eager to discuss how we can work together to expand market reach and deliver outstanding value to customers.

I would love to explore this opportunity further and discuss how we can align our goals for a successful partnership. Could we schedule a brief meeting to talk about the potential for collaboration?

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity with AgriEyes. We look forward to the possibility of working together and creating a successful venture.


  • Engage in various sales activities to sell all auto lights included in AgriEyes to existitng customers and develop new accounts to meet minimum established sales quotas.

  • Prepare or assist in preparing trade shows nearby your city.

  • Maintain personal contact with all existing accounts in your area. Prepare related monthly reports.

  • When required, maintain monthly contact with assigned accounts to develop relationships. Document activity with key accounts. Prepare account plans with appropriate actions and forward to District Manager. Schedule and conduct business reviews for customers on an annual basis or as needed.

  • Prepare and maintain a log in CRM software of all activities, business opportunities and offers submitted to customers and provide report to manager weekly.

  • Monitor workload of service department and ensure all open time slots are filled with sold work.

  • Monitor the credit control list and assist in collection efforts of problem accounts, as needed. Consult district staff prior to delivery of services or materials to accounts outstanding for over 60 days.

  • Monitor the contract renewal process to ensure customer needs are met in a timely manner and opportunities are not lost. Contact accounts that are not renewing their agreements. Document all sales activity in the CRM System. Establish and maintain on-going communications with the service department to address issues related to the customer base.

  • Maintain customer and contact information in the CRM software, as required.

  • Follow all established safety rules and procedures, including those established by the customer.

  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor. 


Two (2) years’ experience in service related sales preferred however equivalent education, experience and training will be considered. Must have demonstrated leadership experience, a basic understanding of mechanical and electrical principles, good written and verbal communication skills and good PC skills. Prior experience with auto lamps is a plus. 


Must have and maintain a good driving record. Must be willing and able to work off the ground, on occasion. Ability to relocate to other regions of the country may be required for advancement opportunities. 

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Partner With AgriEyes, Be Successful
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