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agrieyes Real reviews from users


I received my items Tuesday evening about 7:00 pm central time (Nebraska) via Amazon delivery. The items were well packaged and I thought they would be cheap junk plastic. Not so, and they didn't need charging when I took them out of the box. They were charged at full 100% power. The beacon isn't very big and it is not very small either. Kind of in-between. Being fully charged I was able to use them right away. The dual magnetic rechargeable lights are really good quality, but I can't really use them on my vehicle. I was going to put them on the tailgate or on the rear spoiler of my 2014 Nissan Murano  AWD and also I was going to buy another set for the grille or front bumper but now I can't because they will not work for me. Why, because there is no metal in the tailgate, rear spoiler, grille or front bumper. So what I am probably going to do is buy another wireless remote control beacon and put one beacon on one side of the roof and the other beacon on the other side of the roof and have them both set to clockwise rotating pattern. Or have them both set on triple flash pattern. I will most likely Velcro the two remotes to my dash or console and then I will be able to turn both beacons on and off and change flash patterns from the drivers seat just as if I had a control box with on/off switches. I definitely like the black bottom and black top with the amber lense in-between. I also like the light color status of how much power the beacon has: (green, yellow, red). The biggest and best thing I like about this beacon is that there are no cords, wires, or plugs I have to deal with. The only cord there is is the charging cord. I through the shipping box away so I will not be able to return the  2 piece magnetic lights and since I did through away the shipping box and the lights won't work on my vehicle, I am either going to throw them in the trash or see what I can get for them at a pawn shop. I am not on Facebook so I cant sell them on marketplace. I give these lights especially the wireless remote beacon 5 stars. I am very happy with this product. 

Jay from Omaha, Nebraska


agrieyes rotating beacon lights

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