AgriEyes Trailer Lights Kit - Effortless Illumination for Your Trailer


AgriEyes is proud to introduce our cutting-edge Trailer Lights Kit, a perfect solution for enhancing safety and visibility during your travels. Specifically designed for trailers, our magnetic trailer lights provide a hassle-free installation process, ensuring that your journeys are not only safer but also more convenient.

AgriEyes Trailer Lights Kit - Effortless Illumination for Your Trailer

1.Effortless Installation:

Say goodbye to complicated installations! AgriEyes' Trailer Lights Kit features a user-friendly design, allowing for easy installation on the left and right rear of your vehicle. The wireless system eliminates the need for intricate wiring, making it a perfect fit for anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

2.Magnetic Excellence:

Equipped with a powerful magnetic base, our trailer lights kit ensures a secure grip, even when driving at speeds of up to 60 mph (as tested). Rest assured, the lights won't come off during your travels, providing reliable illumination for your trailer.

AgriEyes Trailer Lights Kit - Effortless Illumination for Your Trailer

3.Battery-Powered Convenience:

Our trailer lights kit comes with a built-in battery, eliminating the hassle of dealing with external power sources. This not only enhances the portability of the lights but also ensures that they are ready to use whenever you need them. No more worrying about wiring or draining your vehicle's battery.

4.Versatile Functionality:

AgriEyes understands the diverse needs of trailer owners. Whether you're hauling equipment, camping gear, or other cargo, our magnetic trailer lights adapt to various situations, ensuring your trailer remains visible and safe on the road.

5.Reliable Performance:

AgriEyes prioritizes quality and durability. Our Trailer Lights Kit is crafted with high-quality materials, guaranteeing a long lifespan and consistent performance. Trust AgriEyes to illuminate your trailer with reliability and precision.

AgriEyes Trailer Lights Kit - Effortless Illumination for Your Trailer

Enhance the safety of your journeys with AgriEyes' trailer lights kit. Invest in a solution that combines easy installation, magnetic stability, and reliable performance. Visit to explore more about our innovative products and ensure your trailer is equipped with the best in the market. Drive confidently with AgriEyes - Lighting the Way for Safer Travels.

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