Introducing AgriEyes AG-W04 Grill Strobe Lights: The Ultimate in Warning and Visibility


AgriEyes, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, introduces its latest offering: the AG-W04 Grill Strobe Lights. These waterproof LED flashing lights are not just a stylish addition to your truck, but also a reliable safety feature, designed to ensure your safety on the road.

The AG-W04 is a sleek and compact lighting solution, boasting a thickness of just 0.33 inches. This makes it 38% thinner than regular lights, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing installation on your vehicle. The clear lens offers a glimpse into the inner core of the emergency light, revealing its premium quality and craftsmanship.

One of the standout features of the AG-W04 is its versatility in color options. Each strobe lights comes with 6 dots, and each dot can be freely selected between amber, white, amber/white (or red/blue). This allows for a wide range of color and pattern combinations, unlike other brands that offer only a fixed color dot. In asynchronous mode, the possibilities are endless, with 14 flash patterns to choose from.

The heat dissipation capabilities of the AG-W04 are also worth mentioning. The circuit board is made of a thickened aluminium substrate, measuring 0.07 inches in thickness, which is 60% thicker than ordinary products. The back of the circuit board is bonded with polymer heat dissipation double-sided adhesive, enhancing the heat dissipation effect by 2 times. This ensures that the brightness of the chip remains consistent and extends the service life of the flashing light.

The AG-W04 also boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. Whether it's a storm, heavy rain, fog, snowstorm, or sandstorm, you can rely on these lights to perform without fail. The lights use both ultrasonic dissolving and glue dissolving technology to achieve this high level of waterproofing.

Visibility is another key aspect of the AG-W04. The high-intensity LEDs can be seen for miles away, even in bright daylight. The light meets SAE J845 Class I rating, making it suitable for emergency vehicles and ensuring that you are always visible on the road.

AgriEyes stands behind its products with a two-year warranty. If you encounter any issues during the use of the AG-W04, you can contact the brand, and they will resolve the problem for you within 24 hours.

In conclusion, the AgriEyes AG-W04 Grill Strobe Lights are a must-have for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish warning light solution. With its sleek design, versatile color options, excellent heat dissipation, waterproof rating, and high visibility, these lights are sure to enhance your safety on the road.

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